Replenish Night Serum Seriskin

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Replenish nourished skin with the goodness of Sericin

SeriSkin Replenish Night Serum is used for overnight skin nourishment, repair, and maintenance.

Enriched with Sericin, a silk protein, it improves skin texture, increases elasticity, and rejuvenates the skin through anti-aging properties. 

The non-greasy serum spreads evenly and quickly absorbs resulting in fresh and hydrated skin.

The Serum provides radiant skin by reducing major skin problems overnight.


Key Benefits

  • Revives skin texture and anti-aging properties
  • Enhances firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • Prevents free radicals and skin damage
  • Increases moisture and hydration
  • Provides nourished, healthy and radiant skin